Toll-free motorway permits

Disabled persons are entitled to toll-free motorway use in accordance with Article 199 of the Law on Fees for Use of Public Goods ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia", No. 95/2018).

When entering the motorway, owner of a toll-free motorway permit shall take magnetic ticket from the ticket distributing machine and shall submit it to the toll booth operator when exiting the motorway together with the toll-free motorway permit for insight.


Toll-free motorway permit for the disabled

Toll-free motorway permit for the disabled

This permit is issued at the proper request and mandatory accompanying documentation. Request on behalf of a minor shall be submitted by the legal representative.

Request for obtaining toll-free motorway permit can be downloaded here.


The following documents shall be submitted with the request: 

Important notice:
Decision on disability shall be certified by a notary public, or in court or municipality. 



For the replacement of the toll-free motorway permit it is necessary to submit:

Request for obtaining or replacing the toll-free motorway permit can be submitted by mail or personally to the following addresses: