ASECAP Statement on Eurovignette Political Agreement Reached by Member States

(on june 30th 2021)

ASECAP would like to congratulate the EU institutions for the political agreement reached by Member States on the revised road charging rules (Eurovignette Directive), to address greenhouse gas emissions, congestions and other environmental consequences of road transports, and establishing a road infrastructure financing system based on user/polluter pays principle.

ASECAP members would like to highlight the following points:

Revenue earmarking

  • Eurovignette Directive should keep its original goal of charging the use of the infrastructure based on the user/ polluter pays principle, which allows important investments, necessary to enhance clean mobility transport solutions.
  • Since toll tariffs play a dual function aimed at the recovery of both infrastructure costs and external costs, ASECAP is in favour of dynamic tolling schemes for environmental purposes. The provision related to CO2 emission class and entailing charging reductions, if not exemptions, for electrical vehicles, is not an appropriate measure to relief congestion and is not compliant with the initial objectives of the Directive, which originally aimed at establishing a charging system based on the use of the infrastructure.


ASECAP believes the 10 % revenues increase criterion, whose fulfilment would make concession contracts currently in force fall within the scope of Eurovignette Directive, is likely to raise considerable concerns and discrepancies among Member States at the stage of the implementation at the national level. In order to avoid any complexity and to ensure the protection of the fundamental principle of legal certainty, it would rather be preferable to completely exclude the existing concession contracts from the scope of the revised Eurovignette Directive.


  • ASECAP would like to stress that measures aiming at defining CO2 emissions would require, for technical reasons, to reserve access to reductions and exemptions only to subscribed / preregistered / identifiable users. Such an identification system would allow an initial control of the characteristics of the vehicle for the benefit of tariff variations.
  • Any toll tariff reduction should be based on objective criteria allowing an automatic identification for classification and enforcement purposes.

ASECAP is the European Association of Operators of Toll Road Infrastructures across 20 member countries representing 134 companies employing more than 48.000 direct jobs and 200.000 indirect jobs. They operate, maintain, manage a network of more than 86.000 km with a long-term vision that ensures highest quality standards to make the road infrastructure safest thank to the user/payer principle providing sustainable financing.

Contact persons:
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