Electric Chargers

ETC - Elektronska naplataThe PE „Roads of Serbia“ has installed 8 chargers for electric cars at key points on major roadways in the Republic of Serbia.

Electric chargers providing power at 22-50kW are located as follows:

These chargers are provided with three connectors – two for fast DC charging and one for fast AC charging. A station like this enables charging of electric vehicles with a maximum output power of 50 kW for DC and 22 kW for AC charging.

Electric chargers providing power at 175kW are located as follows:

As of January 2021, three rapid electric chargers of a maximum output power of 175 kW are functional on major roadways. Anticipated usage of this charger is guided by a principle of en-route charging, which is suitable for toll stations, rest areas on motorways or petrol stations.

The chargers are designed to operate outside at the temperatures ranging from -30 to +50 C. New electric chargers comply with all necessary standards and are suitable for the next generation of electric vehicles.

At this moment, three new rapid chargers are connected to the platform Charge&Go: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rs.mtkomex.chargeandgo&hl=en_US&gl=US

Through the application, this platform enables supervision and management of chargers system, online insight for users of application on chargers occupancy, possibility of reservation and charging fees, as well as many other benefits. There is an ongoing process of integration of the existing 5 chargers onto the same platform, which will provide significant network of chargers on public roads consolidated in one user application.

All installed electric charges are visible on the leading worldwide applications, such as: 

The service of electric vehicles charging is currently free, and preparation of statutory regulations regarding introduction of charging for all users is in the progress.