Brussels (Belgium) - March 2018

ASECAP, STEERING COMMITTEE, minutes from the Session 2018/1

At the ASECAP Steering Committee Session 2018/1, held on 20 March 2018 in Brussels, chaired by the president J. Nunez, ASECAP activities regarding fulfilment of goals adopted at the previous Session were acknowledged.

ASECAP has contributed to development of the European transport through cooperation with the European institutions and organizations in implementation of strategic plans by means of Intelligent Transport Systems.

The priority was organization of АSECAP as big Transport Association which would bring attention to importance of motorways and social and economic growth, as well as constant investments into road infrastructure in order to improve traffic safety and further develop concession plans.

The most important activities presented within the Committees of the representatives at the Session in Brussels are revision of the European Electronic Toll Collection System, as well as revision of Eurovignette Directive.

Importance of ASECAP life-saving chain introduced by the European Committee aiming at the mitigation of number of injuries in traffic accidents was highlighted, as well as revision of Traffic Safety Directive. It was noted that improvement of traffic safety should be implemented within Valletta Declaration adopted on 29 May 2017.

In order to make services of the Intelligent Transport System available to users across Europe, cross-border cooperation through C-ROADS Memorandum of Understanding is necessary.

Significant ASECAP statistic data on Average Daily Traffic were presented, and Key Performance Indicators were defined.

The Session was ended by conclusion on necessary cooperation both among ASECAP member states and between ASECAP and IBTTA organization (International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association).