Brussels (Belgium) - june 2021


The ASECAP General Assembly and the Work Meeting were held on 30th June, 2021, in Brussels. The meetings were attended by the representatives from AISCAT, AKA, APCAP, ASFA, ASFINAG, DARS, HELLASTRON, HUKA, ICA, KAPSCH, NDS, PAK and SUND & BAELT.

At the General Assembly session, the report of the Executive Committee for 2020 and the Auditor’s report and other financial reports for 2020 were adopted, the financial statements for 2021 were approved, the A1 budget for 2022 was adopted and the members of the Executive Board were ratified, the administrative and budget items were adopted.

The Work Meeting agenda topics were current ASECAP activities in the EU bodies and authorities, reports on COPER activities and ASECAP events, all relevant participants held speeches on the current and forthcoming gatherings and meetings and the appointment of a new HELLASTRON president, Konstantinos Kotsuka, was announced. The President, Secretary General and the participants presented all significant topics.


General Assembly adopted the Secretary General’s Report on the Executive Committee performance in 2020. The agenda item on 2020 as special due to the crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to cancellation of a string of ASECAP events, was especially accentuated. The Auditor’s Report for 2020 and the Special Report for 2020 were adopted and the financial statement for 2020 was approved. The Auditor’s mandate was extended. A part of the A1 budget for 2022 was adopted and members of the ASECAP Executive Board were ratified, the President of ASECAP for 2021 was elected as well as the members of the ASECAP presidency, members and nonvoting chairpersons of domains of interest for Toll Payment, Charging and Concessions, for Road Safety, Environment and Marketing, for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, for Data Gathering – Analysis and Statistics. The nonvoting Secretary General and Executive Director of ASECAP were elected, and the election of 3 more members of the Executive Committee for 2022 was announced for the meeting in December 2021.