Department for Environmental Protection

Department for Environmental Protection

Department for Environmental Protection operates as part of the Sector for Strategy, Designing and Development. Foundation for activities of this department is represented by new laws in reference to the following fields:

ico-adobe - Law on Environmental Protection (288kb)
ico-adobe - Law on Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (177kb) 
ico-adobe - Law on Environmental Impact Assessment (164kb)
ico-adobe - Map of protected areas in the Republic of Serbia


Engineers, specialists in this field, define policies and strategy for development of environment management on roads on the midterm basis. They deal with development of methods and operational techniques for raising ecological conciseness on the level of policy, programmes and projects, as well as on the operational level. 

Department prepares and organizes permanent training of PERS engineers, designers, supervisors and contractors, professional specialization and informing on environmental protection. It also organizes multidisciplinary teams for assessment of environmental conditions on the roads.  

It works on preparation of instructions and guidelines, as to define procedures providing necessary level of works quality, studies on impact assessment, etc. resulting from the Twining Agreement realized in cooperation with Swedish Road Administration (SRA).  

Based on the environmental indicators on the roads, it regularly informs relevant authorities on momentary condition as well as on concrete actions to be taken by the PERS as to improve environmental protection on roads through all phases of road design preparation. During inspections, it provides qualitative communication and informs inspection bodies of the Republic on measures taken by the PERS in accordance with the legal obligations.  

Department gives its full support to international organizations dealing with this area and actively participates in performance of all activities in regards to environmental protection, as well as in projects financed by the international financial institutions (WB, EBRD, EIB, SIDA), both in preparation of bidding documents and in preparation of interim reports on progress of sub-projects in connection with environment. It prepares protection plans (EMP – Environmental Management Plan) in accordance with the procedures defined by banks financing the projects. 

It also cooperates with relevant institutions in line in the area of environmental protection, primarily with Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Srbijavode, Environmental Protection Institute of the Republic of Serbia, Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute, relevant inspection bodies of the Republic, etc.


Supervision over designing and implementation of measures of environmental protection during design preparation, construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads.  

It follows realization of programmes, plans and designs in road sector and realizes completion of procedures of assessment of project impacts on environment in accordance with valid regulation stated for this area. It completes the impact assessment procedure in accordance with the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment. 

Completion of the procedure of environmental impact assessment for the particular design is performed in accordance with the legal framework stipulated for that area.

Strategic environmental impact assessment

Environmental impact assessment

It submits request for receipt of decisions of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning in reference to need to have impacts of the projects in the field of rehabilitation, reinforcement and road improvement assessed.

It submits request for receipt of decisions of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning in reference to need to have assessed impacts of the project of periodical maintenance in ecologically sensitive surroundings, i.e. of the projects from the List II of Rulebook on the list of projects for which environmental impact assessment may be requested. It provides conditions from the Environmental Protection Institute of the Republic of Serbia and Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute.

It submits requests to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning questioning a necessity to have environmental impact assessed.

It looks after procedures of public announcement in different phases of impact assessment procedure.

It submits requests for receipt of decision from relevant ministry on scope and contents of studies on environmental impact assessment.

It submits request for decision on determination of scope and contents of studies on environmental impact assessment and later it submits them for approval and receives approvals from relevant ministry.  

It participates in the procedure of public discussion and public insight in reference to the above-mentioned studies.

It participates in preparation of part of Terms of Reference in relation to preparation of general, preliminary and main designs. It controls designers during preparation of studies/adjustment with the Terms of Reference and decision on determination of scope and contents of study on environmental impact assessment, brought by the relevant ministry. Special attention is paid to the proposal of technical measures as well as to implementation of the same in the phase of project realization later on. 

It performs monitoring during construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation.  

ico-adobe - Strategic noise maps on I and II category state roads (phase 1)
ico-adobe - Instructions For Monitoring
ico-adobe - Study on assessing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere from traffic on I and II category state roads
ico-adobe - Research study on snowdrifts on I Category state roads

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