About Us

PE "Roads of Serbia" is established pursuant to the Law on Public Roads (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No. 101/05) and performs professional activities referring to permanent, continuous and good-quality maintenance and preservation, exploitation, construction, reconstruction, organization and control of toll collection, development and management of I and II category state roads in the Republic of Serbia.   

Roads, as goods for general usage, are state property and state roads management is an activity of general interest.

Financing of construction and reconstruction, maintenance and preservation of public roads is provided from the fee for using state road – toll, financial loans, budget of the Republic of Serbia and other sources pursuant to the Law.

Karta referentnog sistema državnih puteva
Road network is one of the biggest capital values in the Republic of Serbia, on the territory of which there are 17.005,022 km of I and II category state roads.

I A category state roads (motorways) – 1072,026 km (Apr 2024)
I B category state roads – 4.426,147 km
II A category state roads – 7.928,274 km
II B category state roads – 3.481,915 km
I M category state roads – 94,705 km

On state roads in the Republic of Serbia, there are presently 3,465 bridges with a total length of over 154 kilometers, and total surface of over 1,760,000 m2 the value of which is estimated at about 1,69 billion euro. 953 bridges of these are on motorways.

Bridges vary in age, shape and construction type, made of timber, stone, concrete, prestressed concrete, steel and with various static systems, spans and lengths from 5 to 2212 meters, which is the length of the bridge over the Danube at Beška. The Republic of Serbia has 297 large bridges on state roads longer than 100 meters. 

109 tunnels are constructed on state roads in Serbia, in the total length of 31,81 kilometres. There are 32 tunnels on the motorways (16 with two tunnel pipes).

Tunnels are of various age, various construction technologies in different geological surroundings. The longest tunnel is Manajle, on A1 road, (Predejana loop - Vladičin Han loop), 1815m long. The biggest concentration of these structures is on Đerdapska magistrala road, with 25 tunnels. In total, 66 road tunnels in Serbia are more than 100 m long.

Objectives of PE "Roads of Serbia"

The main objective of the PE "Roads of Serbia" is the prevention deterioration of roads, preservation of the road network value and its improvement, investments in construction, rehabilitation, reconstruction and the preparation of studies and designs. All investments are in compliance with the strategic orientation of the Republic of Serbia for the sector of road transport to become functionally integrated into the European road network. 

PE "Roads of Serbia" also takes care about traffic safety through the elimination of dangerous locations as well as about environment protection through the elimination or mitigation of harmful effects of roads and traffic on the environment, obeying all due procedures pursuant to the valid legislation.

PE "Roads of Serbia" achieves the improvement of traffic links through good-quality, efficient and equal connection of industrial areas, provinces and regions in the Republic of Serbia, with special attention on the improvement of transportation links between the developed and less developed industrial areas. At the same time, the accent is on more efficient linking of the Republic of Serbia with the neighbouring countries, increase of traffic flows by eliminating bottlenecks in the border zones. Traffic and economic valorisation of geographic, international and traffic position of the Republic of Serbia in the surroundings is achieved with active participation in integrating processes of the Western Balkan region, South East Europe and the Danube region. At the same time, special attention is paid to the inclusion in the system of fast roads of European importance, intended primarily to transit and tourist traffic, primarily on Corridor 10.

PE "Roads of Serbia" tends to reduce the level of indebtedness and rationalization of spending on all levels. Cooperation with international financial institutions and increase of revenues from the fee for using state roads are very important by means of construction and inclusion of all newly constructed motorway sections in the toll collection system. Additionally, the aspiration is to include all users of road land in the charging system.

PE "Roads of Serbia" aspires to improve the quality of services provided to the road users as well as to upgrade the informing, quality management and quality control. Overall business flows are stimulated through the engagement of the capacities of road and construction companies.

One of the objectives is also the improvement of capacities for joint strategic planning and management of state roads and assets of the PE "Roads of Serbia" in accordance with the principles of strategic relevance in the process of projects prioritization as well as with the national regulations and international standards, taking into consideration the decisions of the National Board for Investments of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the governing ministry. PE "Roads of Serbia" acts pursuant to the harmonization with EU standards and procedures in coordination with the governing ministry. Quality management systems pursuant to two important international standards ISO 9001:2015 (quality management system for work) and OHSAS 18001:2008 (occupational health and safety management system) are applied efficiently. PE "Roads of Serbia" works on the upgrade of information system, permanent training and professional development of staff as well as on the increase of efficiency and effectiveness of all processes.