Department for Motorways

The Department for Motorways is responsible, through the competent maintenance companies, for the maintenance and protection of state roads of the I A category (motorways). The motorways that are in traffic function are:

 The total length of constructed state roads of I A category - motorways that are in traffic and that are under the department's jurisdiction is 977,285 km.

Map of state roads of I A category
Map of transit state roads

Reference system of the network of state roads of I A category in the Republic of Serbia (version July 2023) link

The main goal of the department is to undertake activities on the management and supervision of the performed works on the maintenance of state roads, with the aim of ensuring the permanent, uninterrupted and safe flow of traffic on state roads of the I A category - motorways.

The Department of Motorways is in charge of preparing annual and monthly regular maintenance plans and annual motorway rehabilitation plans and is responsible for high-quality maintenance of motorways in accordance with the Law on Roads, valid regulations, approved business program and provided financial resources. In the implementation of its activities, the department cooperates with other departments within the sector and companies, representatives of the competent ministry, representatives of the inspection and the Ministry of Interior.

Employees perform the following activities as part of their daily activities:

  • monitor the implementation of the performed works and calculate the performed works on regular maintenance tasks (summer and winter maintenance), urgent works tasks and motorway rehabilitation tasks;
  • monitor conditions on sections of motorways through the established on-call services;
  • prepare a report on the established condition and issue an order to the contractor to eliminate any identified deficiencies;
  • record traffic accidents and damage to road equipment, collect necessary data, write reports on traffic accidents, prepare claims for compensation for damage caused to the road, traffic signals and road equipment;
  • prepare financial reports on the realization of performed works on regular maintenance, emergency works and rehabilitation;
  • perform determination of actions contrary to the provisions of the Law on Roads, with the aim of protecting the road. Collecting the necessary data and preparing the necessary notifications and reports to the competent authorities of the Ministry and the Ministry of Interior;
  • prepare statements at the request of other sectors and departments within companies, state authorities (MCTI, MI...), public companies and third parties;
  • participate in the preparation of project assignments and other documentation in the procedures for developing projects and building new sections of motorways;
  • participate in the preparation of the public procurement plan and the realization of planned and approved public procurements;
  • perform tasks in the process of obtaining construction and use permits.

Maintenance of I A state roads is performed by road maintenance crews located in 34 road bases, of which 31 are permanent and 4 are temporary.

In order to constantly monitor the situation on the sections of state roads of the IA order - highways, a team was put on permanent duty at 19 road bases. The main task of the on-duty teams is monitoring the road conditions, securing the traffic accident zone, establishing traffic after interruptions, and minor interventions on the road and traffic signals.

In order to improve regular maintenance activities, monitor the quality of performed works, and improve traffic safety, employees within the department worked on the following technical instructions:

For the purposes of regulating traffic on state roads of the I A order - motorways, in the work zone, and during maintenance works, a traffic and traffic project and traffic signaling project was created to mark the zones of state road maintenance works with standard solutions for traffic regulation.

There are currently 85 parking lots in operation on I A state roads category, of which 13 are SOS and 8 are for the needs of maintenance services. In the parking lots, there is the possibility of parking passenger vehicles, people with disabilities, BUS vehicles, and trucks. All parking lots are equipped with seating furniture and mobile toilets. The parking lots have 920 spaces for passenger cars, 32 spaces for disabled people, 86 spaces for BUS vehicles, and 507 spaces for trucks.

In addition to the parking lots under the jurisdiction of PE “Roads of Serbia”, there are currently 57 stations for supplying motor vehicles with fuel on I A state roads category.

The Public Company "Roads of Serbia", Sector for Toll Collection, collect the fee for the use of the highway (Pay Toll). From December 1, 2019, toll collection takes place on all sections under as a closed system of toll collection.

The total length of state roads of class I A - toll motorways is 829,872 km. Toll collection is performed through an automatic technical collection system consisting of 66 toll stations.

Information on the location of toll stations, toll prices, and toll payment modalities... can be found at the :  linku.