Sector for Legal, Staff and Common Affairs

In the Sector for Legal, Staff and Common Affairs the following activities are carried out: representation and normative activities, damage compensation, public procurement of greater or lower value, disciplinary and infringement procedure, property affairs and land acquisition, staff affairs and labor relations, property and personal insurance, common affairs and activities carried out by registry office and archive, as well as administrative and technical works, and other operations related to Sector`s activities.

The Sector for Legal, Staff and Common Affairs comprises following departments:

  1. Department for Civil and Infringement
  2. Department for Property and Legal Affairs
  3. Department for Labor and Staff Affairs
  4. Department for Public Procurements and Contracts
  5. Department for Common Affairs
  6. Department for Geodesy
  7. Department for Extrajudicial Procedure
  8. Department for Normative and Statutory Affairs