Department for Occupational Safety and Health, Fire Protection and Rescue at Work

Activities regarding occupational safety and health and fire protection activities are organized within the Department for Occupational Safety and Health, Fire Protection and Rescue at Work in order to provide safe and healthy work conditions.

Regarding this, preventive activities are determined and implemented referring to the application of modern technical, ergonomic, health, educational, social, organizational measures and means for elimination and/or reduction of risks from the occurrence of injuries of the employees.

On all locations and in all business facilities, the Department conducts preventive and periodical inspections and tests of the conditions of work environment and participates in the selection of personal protective equipment for work positions for which it is required. Periodical medical examinations are organized on regular basis for the employees, based on which the health of employees is monitored.

On the level of the entire PE “Roads of Serbia”, employees are trained in the field of safety and health at work as well as fire protection, the purpose of which is to get all employees acquainted with the dangers that can lead to an injury or fire on jobs, protection measures on jobs, the use of means and equipment for personal protection of employees as well as the fire extinguishers, behaving in case of injury at work or in case of fire, as well as with the responsibility why the prescribed protection measures are not followed.

Operating processes of the Department are defined and described in the procedures pursuant to the requirements of the OHSAS standards, based on which the implemented safety and health at work results are monitored and measured.

Department for Occupational Safety and Health at Work is responsible for implementing measures and activities directed at the creation and increasing of awareness about safe work and the measures for giving up harmful and bad habits and behaviour at work.

All activities in the Department contribute to the improvement of occupational safety and health by abiding all necessary procedures for safe work on positions not only in office space but also on all locations which are covered by the field of operation of the PE “Roads of Serbia”.