Department for Common Affairs

The Department for Common Affairs monitors regulations on office operation. It prepares official documents and letters and, as an entity that deals with all kinds of proceedings, it prepares suggestions for general and individual enactments for their application, and at the same time it takes care of application of general and individual enactments related to technical documentation. Employees also monitor application of programs for recording in registry office and archive, register technical documentation in the special program and take care of updating of record keeping of received/issued documents, as well as formal correctness of received and recorded technical documentation. The Department performs reconstruction (i.e. detection of archived sample) of technical documentation, if necessary, and it takes care of opportune return of issued copies, looks after correct program application, suggests eventual changes and amendments and performs activities related to translating and foreign language correspondence for the Enterprise`s necessities.

  1. Clerk’s Office
  2. Department of Archives