Department for Data Processing

The Data Processing Department deals with the automatic processing of toll collection data and transmission of data from the field.

The Department performs the following activities within its competence:

  • participates in the maintenance, development, and implementation of software requirements related to the improvement of the central platform and automatic toll collection system. 
  • participates in the analysis and implementation of complex IT activities related to the processing of toll collection data that are refined and innovated when necessary for timely and accurate data processing.
  • participates professionally and informatively in the development and improvement of the automatic toll-collection systems 
  • performs complex and specialized technical and operational tasks of maintaining the existing and developing the future toll collection system.
  • is engaged in the preparation, status monitoring, recording the consumption, and cross-check upon completion of the annual list of pre-magnetized PM cards for manual operation mode (MOM) in toll collection. 
  • checks anomalous cards delivered from the field (unreadable, non-magnetized, suspicious)
  • responsibly prepares and enters the financial and transport duties of tollbooth operators manually managing the toll collection.
  • collects, delivers, and checks data on payment cards.
  • enters, blocks, and reactivates ID codes and codes of persons employed as toll-collection operators. 
  • processes, enters, and changes dinar and foreign currency price lists for toll collection. 
  • systematically and responsibly saves documentation and software data against unauthorized use. It operatively and permanently stores electronic media and secures and protects against physical or other damages to the automatic and original, encrypted data obtained from offline processing.
  • with each document it updates, processes, and controls automatically processed data from the field.
  • delivers information for the needs of external bodies and services.  

As of January 15, 2021, at the toll station Vrčin, the Center for acquisition and processing of toll collection data (DATA Center) was put into operation.

The Center performs activities from four key fields: 

  • monitoring of the Central Platform (CP) System;
  • specification of roles and responsibilities;
  • superuser and 
  • procedures and regulations 

The purpose of the Data Processing Department is to operatively follow up and meet in technical and cadre terms all the necessities of the toll collection processes in the Republic of Serbia that are permanently under devolvement and modernization.