Department for designing and planning documentation

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The Department for designing and planning documentation monitors preparation of General and Preliminary Designs, road building permit designs, and all structures and installations located in the zone of a road; and it prepares Terms of Reference for these designs.

The Department prepares documents for long-term and short-term programs and plans for roads improvement, and it follows and participates in work of professional committees and teams in process of evaluation of design solutions and selection of the most favorable ones, until reaching a phase of professional and formally legal design verification.

Based on the contracted deadlines, the Department follows dynamics of realization by elaborating technical documents and controls monthly payment certificates for execution of the contracted services. It also prepares Bidding documents for public procurements of technical documents.

Subject to the activities of this Department are also planning documents. It organizes, coordinates and engages itself in preparation and completion of Programme for preparation of planning documents. 

It also performs processing of documents required for issuing the conditions for preparation of Programs for spatial and urban planning.

The Department also deals with preparation of bidding documents, public procurement for design drafting and technical documentation. Based on the active contracts, it performs follow-up of processor's dynamics, processor's realization dynamics and controls their conditions for performance of contracted conditions.

This department also completes and follows realization of all necessary conditions, opinions and approvals for preparation of planning and technical documents. It prepares and provides decisions for works execution, decisions and conclusions in relation to realization both of planning and technical documents.


The Department has participated in every activity relating

PROGRAM A OF IMPLEMENTATION OF SPATIAL PLAN OF THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA FOR THE PRIOD FROM 2016 TO 2020. This implementation program follows the law and according to its provisions it defines measures and activities for implementation of the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia for the five-year period. The Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia has strategic, development-related and overall regulatory function, and it represents basic planning document for spatial planning and development in our country. Current Spatial plan of the Republic of Serbia has been adopted by the National Assembly as an integral part of the Law on Spatial Planning of the Republic of Serbia („Official Gazette of the Republic Serbia“, No. 88/10), for the period from 2010 to 2020.

Issuing of conditions for preparation of planning documents for spatial and town planning schemes in territory of the Republic of Serbia;
Issuing of conditions during examination of planning documents;
Issuing of conditions for preparation of town planning designs/dividing up of land, installation;
Issuing of conditions for location requirements for locations on corridors of strucutres under the jurisdiction of the PE „Roads of Serbia“
Issuing of conditions for preparation of town planning conditions for locations with accesses to road infrastructure;
Correction of borderlines of cadastre parcels in accordance with relevant planning basis;
Initiating a procedure for issuing location requirements for the purposes of the PE „Roads of Serbia“


Commencement of procedure for preparation of General, Preliminary, Main design for needs of the PE “Roads of Serbia”;Commencement and realization of public procedure for procurement of technical documents preparation in accordance with Public Procurement Law;
Preparation of Terms of Reference for all levels of design documents under authority of the PE “Roads of Serbia”;
Coordination of design cycle with Department for Environmental Protection and Traffic Safety within preparation of all versions of Terms of Reference;
Monitoring over designing and coordination between designer, professional supervision and technical control;
Submission of request for issuing of the Extract from plan for construction of roads for needs of the PE “Roads of Serbia”;
Submission of request for receipt of Decision of relevant Ministry in reference to construction and reconstruction, rehabilitation of roads and all structures and installations located in the road area;
Organization of public promotions of key projects in cooperation with Serbian Road Association, as well as with Chamber of Commerce;
Cooperation with other Sectors in the PE “Roads of Serbia” in relation to all pre-activities referring to preparation of tenders for works execution.

Some of the up-to-date projects the company has been engaged in are as follows:

1/Corridor Hc /E-80/, Prosek–Dimitrovgrad
Corridor H /E75/, Grabovnica–Levosoje

2/Route4, Motorway E-763, Belgrade–Preljina,


1/Route 9a, Fast road Novi Sad–Ruma, „Fruška gora Corridor“ (Novi Sad–Ruma), and Ruma–Šabac–Loznica

2/Route 4, Motorway E-763, Belgrade–South Adriatic
Section: Preljina–Požega (30, 96 km), and Požega–Boljare (107 km)

3/BELGRADE BYPASS, SECTOR C: Bubanj Potok–Vinča–Pančevo (with new road-rail bridge over the Danube), 31 km long

4/Route 7 Preliminary design for the Motorway E-80 Niš–Merdare /77km/

5/Route 5 Preliminary design Pojate–Preljina

6/Route 3 Design on construction of motorway Požega–Kotroman /60km/

ico-adobe - Rulebook on the contents, scope and manner of producing prefeasibility and feasibility studies for the construction of structures