Department for Road Structure Maintenance and Preservation

The Department for Road Structures is responsible for periodical maintenance of road structures on I and II category state roads. Road structure maintenance comprises works on rehabilitation, reconstruction and construction of road structures – bridges. Narrow definition of bridges describes them as structures used to cross roads over the obstacles with an opening not less than 5.0 m.

Division for Bridges and Tunnels

Division for Bridges and Tunnels manages all activities related to periodical maintenance of bridges and road structures that include the works on removal of complex damages on structures – rehabilitation, reconstruction and, if necessary, construction of new road structures.
There are also emergency works on road structure maintenance, which are related to all the works on removal of the sudden manifestations or damages provoked by floods, earthquakes, etc. which directly endanger traffic safety. 

Division for Landslides

The Division for Landslides is engaged in managing of activities related to monitoring and recording of landslides and other unstable processes on the state roads of I and II category. In order to perform these activities in the best possible way, the specialized team is formed and it monitors and records landslides, as well as specific structures which require special treatment in terms of monitoring, observation, geological studies and undertaking of urgent measures in order to take care of present damages and various pathologies on the road and roadside.