Department Kosovska Mitrovica

The Department for Road Maintenance and Preservation is engaged in preparation of program designs for maintenance of the state roads of I and II category and monitors their realization.

It is responsible for quality road maintenance in accordance with the Law on Public Roads, approved program and provided funds for execution of works according to the road maintenance and preservation program. Department cooperates with inspection, local self-government and Ministry of Internal Affairs` representatives, and it takes care of execution of works on road maintenance and preservation according to orders of the MIA and inspection bodies. Department executes activities related to obtaining certificates of receipt of blueprints and use permits, participates in bids for selections of contractor that will execute road maintenance and preservation activities; it gives suggestions for section designing and periodical execution of road maintenance.   

The following works are being executed within the Department: preservation of road reserve area (by identifying the ownership and collecting of data on road reserve area occupancy which are being delivered to competent service within the PE “Roads of Serbia”),  organization and monitoring of activities on geodetic delimitation of road reserve area, exertion of control over fulfillment of conditions cited in approval for access roads connection to public roads, participation in land acquisition activities and solving of proprietary-legal relations.