Department for Information System Maintenance

In the era of digitization, automation, and industrialization, the PE Roads of Serbia endeavours to follow trends in the field of information management systems.

The principal objective of the Department for Information System Maintenance within the Sector for Traffic Control Information Systems is the maintenance of computer and ITS equipment, systems, and networks, processing and analysing of data related to the maintenance of information management system. 

The Department consists of two divisions:

  1. Division for development and maintenance of computer equipment and networks, and 
  2. Division for ITS equipment maintenance.

The tasks of the Division for development and maintenance of computer equipment and networks are:

  • protection and maintenance of networks, computers, and computer equipment under the responsibility of the Enterprise 
  • providing support to work and business processes at all key locations from the IT environment and within the organizational units 
  • elimination of failure of computers, computer and communication equipment, and networks of the Enterprise 
  • operations related to protection, security, and access control  
  • implementation of precautionary measures upon daily review of IT system operation 
  • IT equipment procurement
  • activities ensuring the safety and security of ITS operations meaning protection, control, and monitoring of IT systems, as well as all the activities regarding malicious software (malware) that include their filtering and elimination 
  • provision of anti-virus user-endpoint and e-mail protection of the Enterprise’s IT systems within the competence of the Sector 
  • provision of backup data and copies of scanned documents and media for transferring and storing backup copies, ensuring the operation of Cloud mail and WEB servers
  • communicational connection of the IT systems installed in the key facilities of the Enterprise aiming at their centralization-monitoring and control from the central location
  • preventive control and activities for ensuring the timely performed work and business processes of the user
  • support in the operation of software tools and modules for the clerks’ office works and economic and financial business operations
  • provision of the necessary IT equipment for improvement of the system, storing and protection of data from installed systems for traffic observation (database)

The tasks of the Division for ITS equipment maintenance are the following:

  • maintenance of the system for traffic observation – automatic traffic counters,
  • maintenance of the road weather stations  
  • maintenance of the tunnel systems of the regional, surveillance, and operational centers   
  • maintenance of the variable-message sign systems, and  
  • maintenance of anti-burglary and video-surveillance systems, and other ITS equipment.
  • constant control and surveillance in the field and reporting about system performances 
  • maintenance and a follow-up of the general condition of portals – variable-message signs, video surveillance systems, communication, and power supply network and installations 
  • maintenance of communication infrastructure and video surveillance within the competence of the Sector for Traffic Control Information Systems on open sections  
  • maintenance/service of ITS equipment on tunnel complexes
  • monitoring, protection, and surveillance of access to ICT resources of systems of tunnel complexes and tunnel-operational centers

Maintenance of the tunnel complexes has strategic importance for the road network of the Republic of Serbia and implies maintenance and provision of functionality for all existing IT systems, equipment, and installations in tunnels, such as:

  1. Burglar Alarm System,
  2. Fire Alarm System,
  3. Video Surveillance System,
  4. SOS and Intercommunicator Systems,
  5. Air Control System,
  6. Traffic Detection System,
  7. Audio Sound System (loudspeaker),
  8. Tunnel Radio System,
  9. Traffic Signage System (everything in the system except for the variable-message signs as special elements of the system that are maintained separately),
  10. Central Monitoring System (CSNU – SCADA),
  11. Tunnel installations – tunnel lighting,
  12. Tunnel Ventilation System – Smoke and Heat Extraction System,
  13. Power Station,
  14. Fire Hydrants and Hydrant Pumps,
  15. Communication equipment and installations in control and operation centers with installations up to the tunnels,
  16. Tunnel Rooms,
  17. Access Control,
  18. Meteorological Data Acquisition System,
  19. Gauge Control System,
  20. Water Purification System,
  21. System for ADR vehicles detection,
  22. Other equipment and systems of tunnels and their communication centers.